Lennox iComfort S30 Thermostat

Wi-Fi remote monitoring and adjustment through a home
wireless network for desktop PCs, laptops and apps for smartphones or tablets.

  • The iComfort S30 Thermostat recognizes and connects to all iComfort®-enabled products to automatically configure and control the heating/cooling system (based on user-specialized settings) for the highest level of comfort, performance and efficiency.
  • The thermostat also recognizes model and serial number information for iComfort®-enabled products to simplify system setup.
  • Advanced iComfort® controls in specific heating and cooling units communicate information about various operating parameters to the thermostat to constantly maintain the most efficient operating conditions possible.
  • Additional conventional (not iComfort®-enabled) indoor air quality comfort products can be added to the system for a complete total-comfort system.
  • A simple easy-to-use touchscreen allows complete system configuration. Scheduled maintenance alerts, system warnings and troubleshooting are also displayed on thermostat screen.
  • Up to four separate schedules are available plus Schedule IQTM.
  • One-Touch Away Mode - A quick and easy way to set the cooling and heating set points while away.
  • Smart AwayTM - Schedule IQTM uses geo-fencing technology to determine when the homeowner is within a predetermined distance from the home to operate the system when leaving, away and arriving.
  • Weather-On-Demand - Live up-to-date weather data and seven-day forecasts.
  • Easy to read 7 in. high definition color display (measured diagonally).