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Dry air can lead to a host of problems, especially for allergy and asthma sufferers. Dry climates, winter air, and forced air gas heating all contribute to the discomfort caused by dry skin, dry throats, and irritated noses (which can lead to sinusitis). Winter is an especially bad time for dry air.

Dry air doesn't just affect the people who live in the home, it can also damage furniture, wood floors, and paint. A humidifier not only helps those in your home breathe better, but it also maintains the air in your home at a comfortable level for everything inside it.

Keeping your home's humidity at ideal levels will help you feel warmer. Air that's too dry makes the temperature feel colder than it actually is — the more water (humidity) in the air, the warmer the air feels. Therefore, humidification works in conjunction with heating devices to keep you snug and warm during the winter, saving you money on your heating bills.

By making sure that humidity levels are high enough we slow down our bodies' cooling mechanism, which we obviously don't need in the cold winter time. The upshot of all this is that a humidifier can save you a lot on your heating bills. Naturally, if you feel warmer even if the temperature remains the same, you won't be tempted to turn up the heat.

It's also important to maintain a proper level of humidity in your home. While dry air is definitely uncomfortable and can lead to discomfort, too much moisture in the air leads to another set of problems: mold and dust mites thrive in overly moist environments, so improperly maintained levels of humidity could cause further irritation to allergy and asthma sufferers.

Humidity levels in the home are an important component of relieving allergy and asthma systems through environmental control. Especially during the winter, when dry air tends to be more of a problem, asthma and allergy sufferers can greatly benefit from environmental control of indoor humidity levels. Humidifiers make this possible

  • Lennox HWCP12

    A Healthy Climate®HCWB whole-home humidifier adds moisture to your home’s air and works with your heating system to circulate it to every room.

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  • Lennox HWCP17

    A whole-home humidifier adds moisture to your home’s air and works with your heating system. This model is suitable for a home over 1700 ft².

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