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We have dedicated Installation and Service Departments.

Each employee is put through a training program that consists of a combination of classroom and hands-on work in the field. Each installation is fulfilled by a very qualified team. Any heating or cooling service request will be answered within 24 hours. And we have a 24-hour service guarantee.

We Take Pride in a Job Well Done.

We want to make sure that you get all the comfort you pay for! After each installation we conduct a Quality Control Audit which will ensure years of trouble-free service. Our installers will review each aspect of your installation and documents. This will ensure a high level of reliability and energy savings

Comfort Starts with Proper Installation

The N.C.A. Energy Corporation, a non-profit organization, did a study to see the difference between air conditioning manufacturers efficiencies ratings and the actual ratings resulted after a bad or unqualified installation.

Problem Frequency How Comfort is Affected
Duct Leakage 93%
  • Poor indoor air quality.
  • Health and safety concerns.
  • Drafts and uneven temperatures.
  • May DOUBLE HVAC portions of energy bills.
Over Sizing 47%
  • Doesnt run enough to wring out moisture.
  • Air in sunlit and shaded rooms doesnt mix.
  • Equipment is typically noisier.
  • Costs up to 12% more to operate.
Incorrect Air Flow 70%
  • Uneven Temperatures.
  • Poor moisture control.
  • Noisy grills and registers.
  • Can add over 10% to your cost of energy.

Duct Work

Orzech Heating and Cooling has a complete in house sheet metal shop which allows us to fabricate ductwork for any situation. From moving a furnace 5 feet to a complete new home installation, we can do it all; timely, cost efficiently and most importantly correctly.


Duct work before

Duct work before


Duct work after

Duct work after