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Breathe easier and make your home more comfortable with a whole-house humidifier. They’re efficient, easy to use, and good for your health.


Year Round Comfort

A humidifier works with your furnace to ensure that every room in your home has balanced humidity levels, keeping you more comfortable year-round.

Enjoy The Benefits

  • Breathe easier with balanced humidity
  • Save money with more efficient heating
  • Helps protect your wood flooring & furniture
  • Alter humidity levels easily with your thermostat

Our Top Humidifiers

Humidifiers from Lennox and Honeywell will balance the humidity levels in your home, making a healthier and more comfortable environment for everyone. If you’re looking to install one along with a new furnace or add one to your existing system, we can take care of it all.

Lennox HCWP18

  • Up to 68 liters added to air per day
  • Larger capacity means more comfort
  • Enhances air quality

Honeywell HE 200

  • Up to 64 liters added to air per day
  • Eliminates maintenance hassles
  • Helps cut energy costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a humidifier help relieve my allergy and asthma symptoms?

Humidity levels in the home are an essential component of relieving allergy and asthma systems. Asthma and allergy sufferers can significantly benefit from environmental control of indoor humidity levels, especially in the winter.

Do I need a whole-house humidifier?

In winter, cold air holds less moisture. A humidifier can add moisture to the air, making the room feel warmer and more comfortable. The moisture is beneficial to your health, helping you avoid dry skin, dry throats, and irritated noses (which can lead to sinusitis).

How often do I have to change the filter?

Most manufacturers recommend changing the filter at least once a year. However, other factors like the amount of use and water hardness may necessitate more frequent changes.

Will it help me save on my energy bills?

Yes. The heat our bodies feel is a combination of temperature and humidity. When you add humidity to dry air in the winter, you can set your thermostat lower and still be comfortable.

Can I add a humidifier to my furnace?

Whole-house humidifiers are installed in the ductwork next to your furnace. They add humidity to your entire home. Our team will ensure that it is expertly installed and serviced.