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Pool Heaters London Ontario

Get the most out of your pool season with our efficient pool heaters in London, Ontario. It’s time to enjoy warm water and create lasting memories with family and friends.


The Ideal Temperature

The best way to get the most out of your pool is with a gas pool heater. They provide the perfect temperature when you need it, extending the swim season into the spring and fall.

Enjoy The Benefits

  • Energy-efficient & long-lasting durability
  • Sizing options to fit your needs
  • Maintain a comfortable swimming temperature
  • Less wear and tear than electric models


We carry industry-leading pool heaters that deliver quality, energy-efficient heating so you can take advantage of a longer swim season. We install and service everything we sell, ensuring that it is installed right and lasts for years to come.


These energy-efficient heaters are designed for ultimate performance, comfort, and durability in mind.



Jandy’s innovative line of pool heaters deliver energy-efficient heating solutions and quality design.


Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do pool heaters usually last?

According to manufacturers, pool heaters come with a lifespan of seven to ten years. A pool heater that’s well-maintained and serviced annually may last longer.

Are new pool heaters more efficient?

Today, you’ll find gas pool heaters with 89%–95% efficiency. That means that more of the heat is going into the water, helping to save you money on your heating costs. Additionally, regular servicing can help optimize the efficiency of your pool heater.

What size of pool heater should I get?

When purchasing a pool heater, one of the most important factors is determining the correct size for your pool. Before we begin the installation, we learn about your needs and determine what model is right for you. This ensures that you get the correct amount of BTUs, helping to limit the run time, and reduce your energy bill.

How often should I service my pool heater?

Pool heaters should be serviced annually. Regular servicing is the best preventative measure against unexpected maintenance issues. Our professional technicians ensure that your system runs efficiently and can catch minor issues before they develop into major problems.

Can hot tubs be heated with gas?

Yes. Gas spa heaters are powered by either propane or natural gas. They can be used for hot tubs.